Israel Memorial Tour In Celebration

of the Life & Work of

Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe


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Join Myles Munroe Jr. and Charisa Munroe

in the Official Memorial Celebration & tour of the Life & Works of
Dr. Myles & Ruth Monroe in Israel

May 25 - June 4, 2015

Dear Kingdom Citizens,

We were all shocked with the terrible news of the passing of Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe. Over the last 25 years Dr. Munroe has impacted the nation of Israel in a way that is hard to imagine. Kingdom Studies have taken roots in the heart and soul of the nation.

It did not take long for the trustees and board members of Dr. Myles Munroe "Third World Leaders Association" (ITWLA) to decide to continue the work of Dr. Munroe in Israel, offer Kingdom Teachings and preserve his legacy.

It is with great honor that we invite you to join Myles Munroe JR. and Charisa Munroe for the Official Memorial Celebration of the Life & Works of Dr. Myles & Ruth Monroe in the city of the Great King. The memorial celebration will be held from May 25 until June 4, 2015. In attendance will be Israeli government officials, members of the Knesset Christian Allies caucus, local Jerusalem pastors, ministers, and heads of many Jerusalem organizations. This historic event is more then just a memorial event, it is the fulfillment of the Legacy Dr. Myles Munroe has left with us.

We will also participate in a one-of-a-kind olive tree planting ceremony honoring Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe at Israel's official baptismal site in the Jordan River. This special tribute is reserved to commemorate only a handful of the world's righteous, and the site itself is visited by millions of people each year. Israeli government officials, organization leaders, and pastors from around the globe will be in attendance for this ceremony on the Jordan River, as well as some world-renowned musicians who have requested to be included in this very special occasion.

The Memorial Tour dates coincide with The Jewish dates of Pentecost, Pentecost means Holy Spirit empowerment for God's purpose when Jesus had promised the early believers power to fulfill his teaching (Acts 2). We will follow the footsteps of Jesus from His ministry in Galilee to His final days in Jerusalem. Along the way, you will hear Kingdom Bible Teachings from great teachers at the actual sites being described.

We are all looking forward to seeing you with us in Israel.

Kingdom Blessings,
Scriptural Mandate: Phil 3:19-21 Their mind is on earthly things. 20 But our CITIZENSHIP is in heaven.

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